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Upcoming Senior Center Events

Thanksgiving Dinner 2021

 Plan A: In-person, Plan B: Drive-up
The Woodland Senior Center and Woodland Senior Center Inc. are anxious to have the
annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  If it can be helped, the Thanksgiving Dinner will not be
canceled.  What is plan A and B?

Tickets available to SCI members October 4th; General tickets available October 18th!

In an effort to continue serving Woodland Seniors, the Woodland Senior Center is planning to host its annual
Thanksgiving Dinner.  Because of the pandemic, conditions at the time of the dinner need to be right for the event
to be held in person.  That being said, there are two plans for 2021's Thanksgiving Dinner.


 Plan A: In-Person, Modified

 Plan B: Drive-up Dinner Giveaway

Thursday, November 18th;
5:00 pm doors open, 5:30 pm dinner
Tickets: $1 at the Welcome Desk
Woodland Community & Senior Center
2001 East St, Woodland, CA 95776

Limited to the first 200 people!
If the City of Woodland, Woodland Senior Center Inc., or Yolo County do not recommend holding, this event by November 10, Plan B will be implemented.   



Thursday, November 18th;
530 pm Drive-up Lastname: A-I
5:45 pm Drive-up Lastname: J-R
6:00 pm Drive-up Lastname: S-Z
6:45 pm Virtual Raffle.

Tickets: $1 at the welcome desk Woodland Community &
Senior Center.
2001 East St. Woodland, CA 95776
In case of Plan A does not pan out, Woodland
Senior Center Inc. will still prepare meals for
those registered.

Drive-up locations will be determined later. 

Senior Center Inc. Event Policy 2021

For the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner and the Holiday Social

  • All RSVP's will be made in-person at the Welcome Desk
  • Only 300 tickets are available for either event. (This may change!)
  • Each attendee needs to buy a $1 ticket. That $1 goes towards an opportunity drawing at the event.
  • Doors will open at the times stated on the ticket. No early entrance!
  • Members of Senior Center Inc. get priority tickets for two weeks after release. General public
    tickets will be available after the priority period.
  • We ask that only people age 50 or better attend the event, with exception of professional caretakers.
  • Signups for Thanksgiving Dinner begin October 4 for members and October 18th for non-members.
  • Signups for Holiday Socia begin November 1 for members and November 15 for non-members.
  • Events are subject to cancellation at any time.


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